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2014-01/04 – Scale Model Auralization for Art, Science, and Music : The Stupaphonic Experiment

This paper presents a pilot study of a rather unique artistic architectural structure consisting of a self-supporting construction composed of small stacked linear elements. Acoustically, the structure combines modal behavior, concave forms, and very regular scattering patterns. An example scale model has been constructed and studied in order to separate different construction features and their associated acoustics effects. In an attempt to explore the interest of the specific acoustic for musical performance, a computational platform was created to utilize the scale model as a physical convolution reverberation unit for musical performance.

2006-01/03 – Architectures Autrement – Habiter le Monde

Ce livre rassemble une sélection d’expériences architecturales réparties sur plusieurs continents, ni insolites, fantastiques, bizarres ou utopiques, mais simplement autres. Olivier Delarozière et Ursula Gleeson, les créateurs et animateurs de Woodstacker, proposent une démarche à la fois architecturale, constructive et artistique sur le concept de l’empilement des matériaux.